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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Custom Email Messages for Select Appointment Confirmations and Reminder Emails

You can now create multiple custom messages for Appointment Confirmation or Appointment Reminder emails or both, and specify for each message if it will be sent to all client appointments or limited to appointments for specific locations, services, staff or appointment dates.

Go to Settings > Appointment Confirmation & Reminder Messages to create new messages and select which messages are for the appointment confirmations and/or reminders and when they will be sent. These custom messages appear on the client's appointment confirmation web page, appointment confirmation email and appointment reminder email.

For example, a doctor may attached a new patient form pdf to appointment confirmations just for their new patient service, or a business may have an appointment confirmation message for all clients that includes a link to a client survey.

Select the checkboxes to include this message in the appointment confirmation and/or reminder emails.

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