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Sunday, November 7, 2010

How do you track the source of your new clients?

Do you advertise online and want to track which ads generated the most appointments? Or, do you have an affiliate program that pays commissions for new client appointments? Then you need to implement source codes.

You may want to leave this one to your website developer or designer since it's a bit techie. First, let me give a quick overview. Schedapple assigns two default source codes to all new appointments — the 'web' source code is for appointments made from the client appointment page and the 'phone' source code is assigned to appointments made by a business administrator. You will see these source codes on the Appointments Search/Export page.

A new GET string parameter, 'source', can be added to the client appointment URL, letting you assign a custom value in place of the default source codes. In the example below, the bold text at the end of the URL sets the custom source code. The format is ampersand-parameter-equal-value: &source=.

Example URL with source parameter:

These parameters can be added to the URL in the Schedule Appointment button code or as an anchor link on your website.

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