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Monday, August 23, 2010

Deep Linking

You may want to leave this one to your website developer or designer since it's a bit techie. Deep linking gives you the flexibility to add multiple Schedule Appointment buttons to your website with each one linking to service and/or location. Clients clicking a button with these parameters will then have the appointment scheduling window open with the location/service pre-selected and the next step displayed. See the example screenshot below.

Two GET string parameters can be added to the client appointment URL — location and service. In the example below, the bold text at the end of the URL sets the default location and service. The format is ampersand-parameter-equal-value: &location=<location ID number>. The location and service ID numbers for the URL can be found under the Settings, at Business Locations and Services respectively.

Example URL with deep link parameters:

These parameters can be added to the URL in the Schedule Appointment button code or as an anchor link on your website. If your business has only one location, then the location parameter can be omitted, adding only the service parameter to the URL.

Deep linking lets you pre-populate the client appointment form, opening to the next step.

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