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Monday, January 4, 2010

Announcing the New Weekly Calendar

Schedapple has multiple ways to view and manage your schedule. While the daily calendar shows all of your staff at once and the appointments for one date, the new weekly calendar which shows one week of appointments for single staff.

The weekly calendar has many of the same great features as the daily calendar, including:
  • Zoom to enlarge the calendar, allowing you to see details for short-duration appointments.
  • Click and drag the bottom of the appointment on the calendar to extend or shorten an appointment duration.
  • One-Click New Appointments. Click on the calendar at the time and date you want to create a new appointment. The weekly calendar let's you see at a glance one staff's available appointment times for every day of the week.
New features on the weekly calendar can speed your calendar tasks, including:

See all of your appointments across multiple locations
If your business has multiple locations, then you may spend Mondays and Wednesdays at office A and the other days of the week at office B. The weekly calendar can show all of your appointments for the week for both office locations.

The weekly calendar shows appointments and available times for every day of the week.

Drag-and-drop to reschedule appointments to a different day
Simple move an appointment to a different date or time on the weekly calendar and the appointment will be automatically updated.

Weekly Appointments List View and Schedule Printing
Click the list view tab at the top of the weekly calendar to see a detailed listing of your schedule for the week, grouping appointments by date and time.

The weekly calendar's List View groups appointments by date. Click the printer icon for a printer-ready page.

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