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Friday, December 18, 2009

7 Shortcuts and Tips on the Calendar

The administrative calendar for business users has many features to make scheduling and managing appointments fast and easy.

Tip #1: Zoom
Click the magnifying glass over the calendar to zoom in the calendar, enlarging the size of appointments. This is useful for viewing appointments with short durations or when there are overlapping, concurrent appointments.

Enlarge the calendar view by clicking the magnifying glass. The regular display is shown on the left and zoomed view is on the right, allowing you to see details for these short appointments.

Tip #2: One-Click New Appointments
To quickly create a new appointment, single click on the calendar at the time and staff member you want and the new appointment screen will appear with the appointment start time and staff already selected.

Tip #3: Click to Edit Appointments
To edit an appointment, point your mouse at the middle of the appointment and click once. A window opens, allowing you to edit and send an email update to your client.

Tip #4: Drag-and-Drop to Reschedule Appointments
Point your mouse at grey band with the time at the top of an appointment on the calendar. The mouse pointer will change to a 4-way arrow. Click and drag the appointment; the start and end times will change as you move the appointment. You can even move the appointment to a different staff member. Release the mouse button to finish.

Rescheduling an appointment by dragging its top edge.

Tip #5: Extend or shorten an appointment duration
Point your mouse at black band along the bottom of an appointment on the calendar. The mouse pointer will change to an up/down arrow. Just click and drag the bottom edge of the appointment and you'll see the appointment end time changing; release the mouse button to finish.

Change an appointment's duration by dragging its bottom edge.

Tip #6: The Best Way to Print Your Schedule
Click on the List View tab over the calendar. You may filter by staff from the drop-down selection that appears. Click the print button and a new window opens with the your list of appointments formatted for printing.

Printing your daily schedule from the list view.

Tip #7: Add/Delete Irregular Work Hours
Click the Add Work Hours button below the small calendar on the left. A window opens, allowing you to set up irregular work hours for any date. You can even have multiple work hour periods on one day. If these work periods are contiguous times, then they're treated as one long period to allow clients to schedule appointments over the entire period. Thus, you may set your regular work hours to none and add work hours to specific dates as needed.

Add work hours on a date.

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