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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Using a Staff Email Address on Client Emails

When a client appointment confirmation or reminder email is sent, the email is sent from the business' email address (the from/reply-to address on the email message). A new feature lets you to replace the business email address with a staff member's email address on these client emails. For example, an employee wellness program may prefer that appointment confirmation emails come from the wellness coach they are scheduled to work with, enabling employees to reply directly to their coach via email.
To have your staff members' email addresses shown on the appointment confirmation and reminder emails sent to your clients, instead of your general business email, go to Settings > Staff Calendars/Schedules & Work Hours and click the staff member's name to edit the details for that staff. In the page that opens, go to the Staff Details section and enter their email address. This will replace the business email address as the from/reply to address on the appointment confirmation and reminder emails sent to clients for appointments with that staff. Repeat this for all staff you want to use this feature for. If the staff email address field setting is left blank, then the business email address will be used on the client email.
Appointment confirmation in Gmail using a staff email address

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