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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New Location and Staff Fields in Client Records

We've added location and staff fields to the client records. Benefits include:

  • When a new client schedules an appointment, a client record is created and this now includes the staff and location selection from the appointment. Clicking the New Appointment button in a client record will now autofill the new appointment form with the location and staff that match the client record. (Don't worry you can change these if you need to).
  • When clients are assigned to a specific location or staff, they are hidden from your business users without access permissions for a that location or staff.
  • You can edit client records to assign a staff or location.
  • Mass emails can also be sent to specific groups based on location or staff assigned. For example, a medical office can send emails to patients of Dr. A one week and to Dr. B the next week.
A client record with the new location and staff fields in the top-right.

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