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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Limit Business User Access to your Client List

Sometimes you want to setup a login for a user and are concerned about keeping your client list and appointments confidential. Now you can control the access permissions for your users and can limit who can and cannot search and download your clients and appointments.

We have enabled this by introducing a new setting to hide the 'Advanced Appointments Search & Export' and 'Advanced Clients Search & Export' buttons from selected users. Go to Settings > Account Log-ins, open existing secondary user records and check the 'Hide Advanced Appointments/Clients Search & Export' checkbox or do this as you add new users.

Setting up a new account login, showing the checkbox to hide the advanced search and export functions from this user.
The day calendar shown with the 'Advanced Appointments Search & Export' button circled in orange. This button can be hidden from users.

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