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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Improved Address Verification for Services at a Client's Location

We've improved our ability to check that a client's address is within your service area when an appointment is being scheduled at a client's site.

For businesses that provide services at their clients' addresses (e.g. home services companies), defining the geographic area or the maximum driving distance that forms your service area, whose residents you can provide services to, is important. Equally important is verifying that a client's address is within this area before allowing an appointment to be scheduled.

In Schedapple, when services are provided at the client's address, you can define a service area by entering an address and radius (maximum distance from the address) and Schedapple will then accept appointments only if they are within this geographic area.

Go to Settings > Locations to set up the service area for your business. Then go to Settings > Services and open/edit each service and check the 'Appointments are at the Client's Location' box.

Client appointment showing error message (in red) when the client's address isn't within the business' geographic service area.


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