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Friday, November 1, 2013

Do you have clients in another time zone?

We've made it easier to schedule appointments for your clients if they live or work in different time zones. By default, clients see your time zone displayed under the time selection on the client appointment page. If you go to Settings > Appointment Form Settings and select the Client Selectable Time Zones checkbox, now clients will instead be able to select their local time zone from a drop-down list.

The appointment can then be scheduled in the client's local time (the appointment confirmation and reminder emails will show the client's local time) and it will be on your calendar in your local time.

Activating this setting also allows you to now set the client time zone on each appointment on your business calendar. Just go to the calendar, click an existing appointment or open a new appointment, and a new Client Time Zone field will be there.

Setting for allowing clients to select their time zone when scheduling an appointment.
The client appointment page with time zone selection, enabling clients to see the appointment times in their local time. The appointment confirmation and reminder emails that are sent to the client will have the appointment time in the client's local time.
The business sees the appointment in their time and which time zone the client is in.

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