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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Types of Custom Fields

There are now four types of custom fields that can be created for your client appointment form, including:
  • Select lists
  • Radio buttons
  • Checkboxes
  • Text fields
Select lists let you create a drop-down list for the client to select. For example, a select list custom field can be labeled 'Healthcare Insurance Provider' and the client can choose Aetna, Blue Cross, etc. from the drop-down choices.

Radio buttons can be used when there is an either/or choice. For example, the field label may be 'How did you hear about us?' while the choices may include Google Search, Direct Mail or Referral.

Checkboxes have been expanded to allow multiple checkboxes in one custom field. For example, the field title could be 'May we leave a message (check all that apply)' with choices like 'on your work voicemail', 'on your cell voicemail' and 'with someone at your home'. Checkboxes allow multiple answers to be selected, so a client may indicate that voicemail messages can be left at home, work and cell phone.

The text field is great for open-ended questions, gathering information like the client's Company Name.
Where: Settings > Client Appointment Form Customization custom fields screenshot
The three custom fields shown above are (from top) a select list, checkboxes and a text field. Radio buttons (not shown) are the fourth type of custom button that can be set-up.

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